Collective Bargaining

At John F. Bowen, LTD, we understand that managing focused and strategic labor-management negotiations is essential for maintaining a productive workplace. Our attorneys have had extensive experience serving as lead negotiator on behalf of national, regional, and local employers to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with various unions in a wide variety of industries. Within the past five years, at John F. Bowen, LTD have successfully represented clients in negotiations with the following unions:


  • American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees, Council 5
  • United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
  • United Steel Workers (USW)
  • Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA)
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Sheet Metal Workers International Union (SMW)
  • Operating Engineers
  • Plumbers Union, Local 15 and Local 34
  • Pipefitters Union, Local 539
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Several Local Unions across the country, including Local 120, Local 289, and Local 970 in Minnesota)
  • UNITE HERE, Local 17 and Local 150
  • Worker's United

We work closely with employers to develop short-term and long-term collective bargaining objectives for successful and proactive workforce management. In that regard, we partner with our clients to develop and implement innovative bargaining strategies focused toward:

  • Preservation of effective management rights;
  • Developing communications strategies to facilitate bargaining unit ratification;
  • Developing and implementing strategies to freeze or withdraw from multi-employer pension plans;
  • Negotiating cafeteria-style compensation plans and productivity based wage structures;
  • Analysis of union proposals and developing effective counterproposals to maintain and further the employer's bargaining objectives;
  • Comprehensive strike planning and implementation; and
  • Aggressive labor litigation defense (obtaining and enforcing labor injunctions, administrative litigation before the NLRB, etc.).