Management Leadership Training





Improve and enhance the employee relations skills of your managers and supervisors through the proactive leadership training workshops provided by John F. Bowen, LTD. The dynamic and experienced trainers and presenters at John F. Bowen, LTD provide a variety of excellent skills training workshops designed to develop supervisory awareness of employee relations concerns and to build the essential skills necessary to promote employee engagement and achieve positive and preventive employee relations.

Offerings include several Advanced Skills Workshops. For unionized employers, the Advanced Skills Workshops include a program specifically designed to provide managers and supervisors the unique skills, tools, and abilities  needed to maintain management rights and to effectively manage unionized employees. Another Advanced Skills workshop uses extensive role-playing techniques to equip the employer’s bargaining team with critical collective bargaining skills intended to successfully advance the employer’s bargaining objectives.  For non-union employers the Advanced Skills Workshops include a variety of training opportunities that focus on providing the knowledge, skills, tactics, and strategies non-union employers must employ if they hope to successfully maintain union-free status in today’s more aggressive union environment.

Our Essential Skills® Workshops are composed of ten energetic and highly interactive training programs each designed to provide your managers and supervisors with the fundamental interpersonal, managerial, and leadership skills they need to drive positive employee relations, promote continuous improvement, and achieve optimum employee engagement.  

In addition, through our Workplace Webinar Series, we currently offer more than a dozen 90-minute web briefings that focus on further developing the  skills and competencies managers and supervisors need to become more effective workplace leaders.

Each workshop can be customized to conform the training to your organization's policies and procedures and further modified as needed to meet your organization's specific training goals and objectives.



Staying Union Free Workshops

Reclaim Your Management Rights

Collective Bargaining Bootcamp


Workshop I: Developing An Issue-Free Workplace: A Successful Model For Positive Employee Relations

Workshop II: Workplace Law For Managers and Supervisors

Workshop III: Effective Workplace Communication

Workshop IV: Performance Management & Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Workshop V: Corrective Action & Progressive Discipline

Workshop VI: Conducting Practical and Defendable Workplace Investigations

Workshop VII: Managing Workplace Absences

Workshop VIII: Preventing and Responding To Workplace Harassment

Workshop IX: Effective Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Workshop X: Workplace Leadership: Essential Employee Relations Skills For Workplace Leaders


 90-Minute Webinar Workshops For Workplace Leaders

We offer more than a dozen Workplace Webinars, each designed to develop critical supervisory skills necessary to achieve effective and positive employee relations as well as to help your management team avoid the common pitfalls that can undermine employee relations. Each of these dynamic 90-minute Workshops may be customized based on your Company's policies and procedures and modified to address your Company's specific issues and concerns...more